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MQ Technology DWC-LLC believes that player entertainment comes first.


We strive to make each player's digital journey unique and to provide a sense of control and skill-building in every game. 

As our starting point, we offer clients a single-player mission mode with exciting features and intuitive special weapons. The greater the power of your weapon, the greater the chance of defeating evil enemies. 

We then added an advanced multiplayer tournament action game platform with proven social gaming elements to provide tournaments platform to our clients for players to compete against thousands of opponents, fighting formidable bosses at each level in order to win the event. 

Arguably the most popular and anticipated, our “Winner takes All” tournament platform that takes the players’ through a 90-second, fast-paced, intense action game against up to 5 opponents. The player's raw strength is pushed to its limits.

With those gaming innovations, MQ Technology DWC-LLC became THE first true player vs player action game provider.

Professional Gamer


MQ Technology DWC-LLC games are changing the way people play. Using the same psychological aspects of a traditional gaming, i.e.  impactful celebratory visuals, our gaming approach transfers the excitement of a video game into an interactive gaming experience.

Players are our clients' best ambassadors. Referrals are key to generating massive social engagement, as they can engage with us on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


Additionally, using well-established social communities on gaming related platforms such as and Discord, our clients can reach millions of potential players worldwide.

Using our interactive live tournaments and the constant addition of new innovative games, we are catering to clients from sports/e-sports and video games industries.

Our objective is for MQ Technology to become a global leader in the social gaming vertical by providing the industry’s best action games that create long-standing trust with our player base. 

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